Radio Show

Fortnightly Sundays at 11am, we take to the airwaves of RaW 1251AM, the student radio station at the University of Warwick, bringing you news, debate and discussion on a range of issues. You can catch up on all shows after they are broadcast here:


Term 1, Week 1:  Welcome back and Natural Disasters

Back for out first radio show of the year with co-Editor-in-Chief Matilda Smith, co-Editor of Politics and Economic Andrew Kersley and co-Editor of Arts and Culture Ellen Rodda. From Indonesia, to India to Israel, we take a long look around the Globe.

Term 1, Week 3: Kavanaugh and the #metoo Movement

Matilda Smith co-Editor-in-Chief, Andrew Kersley co-Editor of Politics and Economics and Secretary Leanne Hemming discuss the Trump visit, baking cakes for LGBT+ activism and, of course, the Kavanaugh phenomenon. 

Term 1, Week 5: the Yemen Crisis and the MidTerm Elections

Matilda Smith and Anita Slater co-Editors-in-Chief and Andrew Kersley co-Editor of Politics and Economics give the in depth analysis of Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East cold war and also take a look at the upcoming Mid-Term elections in America.

Term 1, Week 7: The Brexit Deal and the outcome of the Midterm Elections

Matilda Smith co-Editor-in-Chief, Simron Gill co-Editor of Politics and Economics and Leanne Hemming Secretary discuss the details of the Brexit deal and the wider political reaction as well as an analysis of the outcome of the American Midterms.

Term 1, Week 9: Populism and the Tory Leadership

Matilda Smith co-Editor-in-Chief, Simron Gill and Andrew Kersley co-Editors of Politics and Economics discuss the rise of populism and speculate on the Tory leadership.


Term 1, Week 1: Introduction, VW, & Fossil Free

In our first radio show of the year, co-Themes Editor, Lizzy Yarwood, is joined by Connor Woodman, Editor-in-Chief, and Tom Harrison, Science & Technology Editor. They discuss the publication’s relaunch, the VW scandal, and Fossil Free Warwick‘s new campaign.


Term 1, Week 2: Black History Month

Pim Peace, Themes co-Editor, and Thames Menteth-Wheelwright, Perspectives Editor, are joined by the co-presidents of Warwick Anti-Racism Society, Mems Ayinla and Safrina Ahmed. They discuss Safrina’s exhibition on black working class resistance in Britain, Black History Month, and modern-day racism.


Term 1, Week 3: Environmental Activism & the Warwick Tab

This week, Lizzy Yarwood is joined by Arts & Culture co-Editor, Kat Burdon, and two members of Warwick’s Green Party: Joe Rossney, Talks & Campaigns Officer, and Hiba Alnaib, Warwick Greens of Colour Officer. They discuss environmental activism, and the George Lawlor-Tab-consent workshop scandal.


Term 1, Week 5: FGM & Free Education

Lizzy Yarwood and Kat Burdon discuss FGM. They are also joined by Dan Brown from Warwick For Free Education to discuss the Nov. 4 free education demo in London.


Term 1, Week 6: Dec. 3, Activism, and Neoliberalism in Universities

Connor Woodman, Editor-in-Chief, is joined by Craig McVegas, Commissioning Editor at Novara Wire; they discuss the police violence on campus on Dec. 3, 2014, and link it to activism and the neoliberalisation of higher education in the UK.


Term 1, Week 7The Paris Attacks and the French Identity 

Lizzy Yarwood is joined by two guests to discuss the Paris attacks and the construction of French national identity.


Term 1, Week 8: All Student Meeting motions

Perspectives Editor Thames Menteth is joined by Michael Haddad of Warwick For Free Education, and Warwick SU’s Welfare & Campaigns Officer, Luke Pilot. They discuss the series of motions recently passed through the SU on the Teaching Excellence Framework, government’s higher education Green Paper, Counter-Terrorism Act, free education and junior doctors.


Term 1, Week 9: COP 21

Lizzy Yarwood is joined by Editor-in-Chief Connor Woodman, Dorka Bauer, a speaker for the Warwick Climate Forum and Joe Rossney of the Warwick Green Party. They discuss the release of the first issue of the magazine and the COP21 talks in Paris.


Term 2, Week 1: Student housing and mental health in the modern world

In the first radio show of this term, Lizzy Yarwood and Kat Burdon announce the upcoming plans for the magazine this term, student housing for Warwick students and mental health in the modern world.


Term 2, Week 3: Prevent

Lizzy Yarwood, Thames Menteth and Safrina Ahmed discuss the Prevent agenda.


Term 2, Week 5: LGBT History Month

Lizzy Yarwood and Kat Burdon chat to Warwick Pride’s Publicity Officer Alex about LGBT History Month.


Term 2, Week 7: Mental Health 

This week, Thames Menteth is joined by co-Perspectives editor Amel Mukhtar, Welfare Officer Luke Pilot and Warwick Yoga President Ben Sinclair to discuss Mental Health ahead of our second issue ‘Mind Matters: Mental Health in the Modern World’. 


Term 3, Week 7: West Papua 

This week, Editor Connor Woodman discusses Indonesia’s occupation of West Papua: its historical, economic and international political dimensions.