Video Series
Our video specials build upon content we've released in print and online. They seek to comment on and elucidate issues at the University of Warwick and beyond in bitesize form.

In this Warwick Globalist video special, new Politics & Economics Editor and Co-President of Warwick Anti-Racism Society, Safrina Ahmed, takes a look at the Government’s ‘counter-terrorism’ policy, Prevent, and how it is affecting British universities. For more on Prevent, listen to our podcast where Safrina discusses the issue in more depth, or check out our […]

In this Warwick Globalist video special, Editor-in-Chief Connor Woodman dissects an article in ‘Spiked!’, claiming that British universities and student unions are stifling free speech on campus.

Connor Woodman discusses the Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford movement and the reception it has received in the British press.