Science & Technology

Our Managing Editor, Tom Harrison, looks at the current state of our atmosphere and why it should terrify us.

Natércia Rodrigues examines the science behind our current policy regarding cannabis usage.

Colm Whitehead reviews recent, exciting advances in Terahertz technology.

Aine Clarke discusses the multifarious struggles that nations, rich and poor, face against the impacts of a changing climate.

Kevin Shaabi breaks down the convoluted issues pertaining to European energy and its reliance on Russian gas.

Clement Mawby discusses the significance of the recent discovery of Gravitational Waves, in the context of Einstein’s famous theory of General Relativity.

Our Managing Editor, Tom Harrison, looks at the future of mobility and examines how technological developments now point strongly to a future in electric cars.

Nani Fazlur Rahman discusses the relationship between Intellectual Property Rights and the Right to Health, arguing big pharma favours the former often at the expense of the latter.

Joe Marsh Rossney, in conversation with Alyssa Gilbert, looks at the impacts of the recent political upheaval on climate change action.

Tom Harrison examines the role genetically modified organisms must play in feeding the ever-increasing global population.

Joe Marsh Rossney examines the far-reaching impacts of El Niño, and discusses the challenges it presents to today’s climate scientists.

Fariha Azad investigates if quantum computers could end the equality of the internet

Tom Harrison asks if the West’s comfort and access to technology has caused us to lose our empathy for the refugees desperately trying to join us.

Tom Grimes asks people to question current attitudes to nuclear power, and if they should change.

Remi Williams, a student on placement at the Midlands Fertility Centre, examines if the capability of cryopreservation of eggs has been overstated.

Tom Harrison examines if the future of Europe’s renewable energy supply lies in the Sahara Desert.

In the wake of the revelations about VW’s use of defeat devices to pass emissions regulations, our Tom Harrison asks: Have diesels had their day?

Tom Harrison, our Science & Technology Editor, reflects on his experience of climate change in his native Somerset.

Jamie Baross asks: Has our belief in science been misplaced, and can we place our trust in the peer-review process?

Tom Harrison, our Science & Technology Editor, looks at the damage humanity can do to its home through the harrowing microcosm of Nauru.

Our Science and Technology Editor argues that the Fukushima disaster is the best argument for nuclear power. But why are governments seemingly reluctant?