The articles in this series were originally published in our sixth issue,
Mind Matters: Mental Health in the Modern World.

Yasmine Leghnider takes a look at the dark world of sex tourism in Morocco, and the cultural tensions preventing action.

Sam Parr discusses the causes of LGBT mental health issues in the context of austerity.

Sohrab Najle-Rahim examines why we should be wary of the business world’s ‘mindfulness revolution’.

Tom Harrison examines the role genetically modified organisms must play in feeding the ever-increasing global population.

Arts and Culture co-editor Kat Burdon reviews Justin Kurzel’s widely acclaimed reinterpretation of the Scottish Play, examining the tale’s treatment of man, madness, and morality to suggest that its enduring appeal can be found in the lessons it would teach us, lessons long learned and yet never fully acted upon.

Joe Rosettenstein examines the far-reaching impacts of El Niño, and discusses the challenges it presents to today’s climate scientists.

Jordan Hindson explores the relationship between mental illness and the creative temperament, with the help of Kay Redfield Jamison’s seminal book Touched with Fire.

Finn Haligan questions why Britian’s period of colonial involvement in India continues to be remembered nostalgically.

Fariha Azad investigates if quantum computers could end the equality of the internet

Katherine Sorab explains why the Internet’s focus on body image can be damaging for mental health.