The International Conference of Undergraduate Research 2015 was held at Warwick and several partnered universities in late September. Undergraduate research from numerous disciplines was displayed. Here, the Warwick Globalist showcases some of the best research from the conference in article form.

William Gildea examines the philosophical basis of property rights, exploring the implications thereof upon our personal and collective sense of morality in the West.

Do you control games, or do they control you? Frank Davies explores the links between contemporary systems of social control and video games.

Writing from Monash University in Australia, Anthony Taylor examines the Indonesian ‘dual state’ – a state blurred between the lines of legality and criminality – through the cinematic depiction of the 1965 massacres in the Oscar-nominated documentary Act of Killing.

What was the experience of the disabled in the ancient world? Annie Sharples challenges our notions of inherent Western progression by examining the representations and experiences of the disabled before the common era.

Liam Simmonds examines how the state has attempted to legitimate the huge surveillance systems uncovered by the Snowden revelations.