Arts & Culture

Alpana Sajip explores the wider implications of the Mead Gallery’s 2016 exhibition ‘The Human Document’, considering how truthfully photography can reflect the human condition, and how it has continued to evolve from post-Depression America to today’s digital universe

Fatima Ali Omar reviews the BBC’s recent T.V. film adaptation of Zadie Smith’s 2012 novel, NW – Black identity, struggle and redemption are just some of the themes explored

Molly Russell argues Bob Dylan’s recent Nobel Prize win is wholly deserved: his lyrics of protest and emancipation speak louder now than ever before.

Clare Hymer examines problematic partnerships between oil companies and British cultural institutions, and the importance of creative direct action to combat them.

Sohrab Najle-Rahim examines why we should be wary of the business world’s ‘mindfulness revolution’.