About Us

A campus tabloid that makes a statement, The Globalist is relaunching in 2021-22, initially online, and then in print form ideally in April of next term.

The Globalist is going to cover what’s new around the world, something quite different than what is often called news. Doomscrolling Twitter or the Guardian is all too commonly a feedback loop with no end. The real forces of novelty that allow us to actively shape and understand events are more likely to be discovered in books, technologies, and art created over a longer period than the cultural and political scandals, however delicious, that keep us hooked to a 24-hour mind-meld of mental sewage.

“Bias” and partisanship are never going to be a problem at The Globalist, as our writers will seek the most complete perspective on every topic discussed. There is to be no one-sided conformism or equally voguish contrarianism, but ideally, much controversy and debate.

As a genuinely international magazine with student contributors that will bring a multitude of perspectives to universal issues and themes, The Globalist is to challenge individual and collective parochialism at a period when the expression of both is de rigueur around the globe. Whether we come from India, China, here in Britain, or elsewhere, we recognise that the human drama is visible everywhere, and should not be terrified into depicting or attempting to resolve the problems of one another.

As part of our inherent capacity to begin anew, the active exchange of ideas is more awesome, uncanny, strange, and foreboding than the most petty habits and practices that prevent us from seizing the day.

The Globalist will be a voice that everyone remembers. We encourage you to read and write for us

Our Team

We are always looking for new members of the team!

If you’re interested in joining us, send your CV and a short statement explaining why you would be suited to the role to warwickglobalisteditor@gmail.com

Applicants to editorial roles will be asked for a writing sample or be given a piece to edit.

Editorial and Executive Team

Hal Conte Editor-in-ChiefHal is currently an MA student in Global Media and Communication at Warwick. Previously employed at USA Today Network, Hal obtained a BA in Journalism at Temple University and was an editor at The Temple News and Freely Magazine. He also edits and has a column in The Boar

Karolina Rogers Social Media Editor and Managing Editor
Karolina is currently a BA student in history and politics at Warwick. She was previously social media executive for the Warwick Skincare Society and is a contributing writer to The Boar
Anjula Kulabkar Arts and Culture Editor
Anjula worked for a year in digital marketing and is currently pursuing MA in Global Media and Communications . Anjula is a fan of hot chocolates and is usually found in small cafes. She loves hanging out with her friends and playing badminton. During her free time, you can find her nose behind a book or trying to cook Indian food
Abhinav Chaturvedi Politics Editor
Abhinav is currently pursuing MA in Global Media and Communication Hailing from Mumbai, India, he obtained a BA in Management Studies from K.C College, HSNC University in Mumbai. He comes from a media background and has worked extensively with Accommodation Times, a fortnightly newspaper based on real estate and infrastructure. Apart from this, Mr. Chaturvedi is also a movie and web series buff and has a keen interest in sports including swimming, badminton, and boxing
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