About Us

The Warwick Globalist is the highest quality student-run magazine at the University of Warwick. We aim to provide our readers with subjects and perspectives that might not otherwise be seen by our readers.

We look to cross the boundary between journalism and academia. We are looking for original, scholarly, critical, and accessible journalistic writing; engaging but supported by empiricism. The Warwick Globalist seeks to include a range of views, from across the political and social spectrum, engaging our readers with ideas they may otherwise not have considered.

As well as posting regular articles on our brilliant website, we publish three print magazines each year, each around a central theme. Previous themes include ‘The Politics of Sex’, ‘Resistance and Struggle’, ‘Climate Change – Feeling the Heat’, ‘Drugs – Drawing the Line’ and ‘Mind Matters – Mental Health in the Modern World’. Our current theme is ‘Faces of Nationalism’.

We have regular meetings throughout the year: workshops, socials and launch events for each issue with  a panel of speakers relevant to the theme. Previous speakers have included Benny Wenda (West Papuan Independence leader) Caroline Coon (founder of the charity Release), Camilla Born (of E3G) and Nick Dearden (director of Global Justice Now).

The Team

The Warwick Globalist Team three key components; Business, Technical and Editorial.

We are always looking for new members of the team but we are actively recruiting for the following positions:

Graphic Designer*


Web Master*

 Roles marked with an asterisk will continue into the 2017/18 academic year, so would usually not be available to current final year students. Successful applicants will work alongside the existing team until the end of the year in an extended hand over period.

If you would be interested in joining our team just send us your CV and a short statement explaining why you would be suited to the role to editor@warwickglobalist.com

Applicants to editorial roles will be asked for a writing sample or be given a piece to edit.

Editorial Team

Tom Harrison Managing Editor

Ali Griggs Themes Editor

Helene Selam Kleih & Stephen Paul Arts & Culture editor

Vardaan Aggarwal Politics & Economics Editor

Halimah Manan & Finn Halligan Perspectives Editor

Joe Marsh-Rossney Science & Technology Editor

Connor Woodman World of Warwick Editor

Business Team

Jonah Weisz Head of Marketing

Daljinder Johal & Marium Rafiq Head of Social Media

Egon D’Argento & Jonas Eberhardt Head of Finance

Laura Harrison & Ed Stevenette Events Coordinator

Audrey Sim Secretary

Technical Team

Samara Jundi & Bartholemew Joyce Graphic Designers

Bala Kumar Head of Web Strategy

Amine Messaoui Technical Specialist

 Eternal thanks to Matt Greenham who created our brilliant website.
 Find out about our previous teams here.