The Boar misrepresents union action

The latest issue of The Boar offers a poor representation of the recent activities of the University and Colleges Union.

The latest issue of The Boar offers a poor representation of the recent activities of the University and Colleges Union.

Leading with the headline ‘Warwick on the brink of strikes: Walkouts in February and March threaten lectures and seminars’, the front page is plastered with an image of a masked protestor dressed in black carrying a red-coloured smoke grenade. While the Boar has purported to report on issues objectively in the past, Warwick Globalist finds their reporting of this issue to be highly prejudiced against union action.

Describing union action as a ‘threat’ to student teaching – and associating their report with the image of a protester more familiar to Antifa demonstrations than strike action – represents the picket line as an active danger to the student body. The Boar have drawn detailed attention to the potential impact that the strike will have on student life, while providing limited coverage of the importance of this strike in protecting employment rights.

Providing such representations to the student body has the power to dramatically affect popular opinion on strike action, despite The Boar’s commitment to objective and unprejudiced reporting of campus news.

The Boar is yet to comment on this issue.

EDIT: The Boar have since responded to Warwick Globalist’s comments, stating: “we can understand the concern with regards to the image and we agree that the front page image could be misinterpreted in certain circumstances. As a team, we didn’t feel that it was misrepresentative necessarily, yet it was a discussion we did have. The image printed on the inside cover to accompany the article is of UCU protesters in the past. For the front cover, we chose a more abstract and striking image to fit in line with the rest of our covers this year and to ensure that the story was visible because it is important to students. We’ve been in discussion with representatives of the UCU during the process of writing the article and took their comments into consideration when designing the cover. We also think it’s important that students read the accompanying article within the paper concerning the strike before attempting to interpret The Boar’s stance on the issue. (https://theboar.org/2018/01/breaking-strike-action-confirmed-warwick/).  We’re committed to fair and balanced journalism, we feel that the article reflects this. We’d encourage anyone with concerns regarding any content in The Boar to contact communications@theboar.org.”

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